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Thomas Sabo Charms and Jewellery

Thomas Sabo base their creations on lifestyle from Lauf an der Pegnitz, Southern Germany. The company was founded in 1984 and employees around 2,000 people in Germany and around the world. The leading brand is present on 66 countries on all 5 continents with around 132 Thomas Shops with shop in shops, retailers and leading airlines featuring the brand.

In 2006 the Thomas Sabo Charm Club was created and is now a collector's passion with approximately 500 motifs available inspired by the most diverse lifestyle areas. In 2009 Thomas Sabo launched their unique watch range and the following year 2010 they entered the beauty arena with the Charm Rose product line. In 2013 they presented sterling silver plated with 18K yellow gold or 18K rose gold and the 2014 collection introduces the new Thomas Sabo 'Karma Beads'.

Thomas Sabo Products

At Wheelers Luxury Gifts we have a wide range of Thomas Sabo jewellery gifts including bracelets, charm carriers, charms, earrings, long chains, necklaces, pendants, pouches, rings and watches.

Gift Wrap, Corporate Gifts

We can make your Thomas Sabo gifts much more personal by gift wrapping them for you.

We can supply your employees with Corporate Gifts, Thomas Sabo may have the perfect gifts for your employees to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication.