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Imagine a Montblanc John Lennon Pen Special Edition for Christmas at Wheelers Luxury Gifts

16th November 2010
Whenever John Lennon was performing you felt you were witnessing something legendary. It was passion sweeping you away in a rush of exhilaration – an effect only great art can achieve. While the legend of John Lennon lives on in his verses, Montblanc, through its 100 years history, has achieved a legend in its own – the well know Montblanc writing instruments have established themselves as icons of the writing culture.

  John Lennnon Special Edition Fountain pen with cap off

Evoking the musical genre of the 50s and 60s, the edition features a clip inspired by a period guitar head and, in tribute to its namesake, a platinum-plated plaque engraved with Lennon’s signature self-portrait.

Inspired by John Lennon's Guitar, this is the perfect gift at Christmas for a fan of John Lennon at Wheelers Luxury Gifts.


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