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Royal Crown Derby have completely Sold Out of the Limited Edition Octagonal Plate & Solid Gold Band Bell.

5th May 2011
But we still have limited stocks of each at our shop Wheelers Luxury Gifts, so this is your last opportunity to buy these two Royal Wedding commemorative souvenir gift items.  Please order quickly to avoid disappointment.

The Royal Crown Derby Octagonal Plate Limited Edition to 1500

The Royal Crown Derby Octagonal Plate at Wheelers Luxury Gifts

The Royal Crown Derby has produced this stunning octagonal plate. Adorned at the edges in cobalt blue and overlaid in gold are acorns from the great oak tree, representing longevity along with the instantly recognizable three feathers.

Displayed in the center are the ornately intertwined initials of Catherine and William. A truly beautiful commemorative piece.

The Royal Crown Derby Solid Gold Band Bell Limited Edition 500

The Royal Crown Derby SGB Bell at Wheelers Luxury Gifts

The Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Solid Gold Band Bell.  This incredibly ornate wedding hand bell has been designed especially to celebrate the forthcoming wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The front panel is adorned with The Royal Crown Derby’s newly created monogram featuring the intertwined letters of Catherine and William which is both stylish and tasteful. On the back is the date of this special occasion.

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