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New Montblanc Boutique at Wheelers Luxury Gifts

8th November 2011
We have just completed the installation of our stunning new Montblanc Boutique in our luxury store in Loughborough, Leicestershire, U.K., where we can display Montblanc products in specially designed tables and cabinets created by Montblanc.  So come and visit our newly installed Montblanc Boutique (photo below) where you will find one of the largest selections of Montblanc available in the U.K.
New Montblanc Boutique Video
Please view our new video presenting the Montblanc Boutique within Wheelers Luxury Gifts.
We have been authorised to sell Montblanc writing instruments, jewellery and leather online for over a year now as we were honoured to be chosen to be one of the few U.K. online retailers to be able to sell Montblanc.
We carry one of the largest collections of Montblanc in the U.K. including fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, mechanical pencils, refills, leather goods, jewellery, desk accessories and fragrances.

To personalise your gift we have engraving facilities where we can engrave initials or special messages onto Montblanc pens, cufflinks or other engraving items.

All Montblanc products are presented in a Montblanc gift box with a Montblanc certificate of authenticity and Worldwide warranty.

If there is a Montblanc item you are interested in or would like information about please call 01509 266320 or email [email protected].

  Montblanc Boutique at Wheelers Luxury Gifts

The Montblanc Boutique displaying our fine jewellery collection (1.), and in the large
collection of Montblanc leather can be easily be viewed (2.). The Montblanc brand
name is associated with quality and craftsmanship presented on the display cabinet (3.).
Writing instruments are displayed in the cabinets around the boutique and the Montblanc
emblem is presented on the floor tiles as you enter the boutique (4.).

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