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Montblanc Carlo Collodi Pinocchio Fountain Pens, Rollerball Pens, & Ballpoint Pens (Limited Edition)

25th November 2011
We have just a had a delivery of  Montblanc Carlo Collodi Fountain Pens, Rollerball Pens, & Ballpoint Pens. 
The Writers Edition Carlo Collodi is fantastically playful - a magical way of paying homage to the famous Italian author and his greatest work, "The Adventures of Pinocchio'. The work itself has inspired a design that combines the mystical elements of timeless history with modern writing culture, imbuing this writing instrument with a poetic soul.
Montblanc Carlo Collodi Pinocchio Fountain Pens, Rollerball Pens, & Ballpoint Pens (Limited Edition) 

Please contact us for more information and to purchase one of these magnificent Montblanc pens on 01509 266320 or contacting us by email [email protected]

Some of the features of the Montblanc Carlo Collodi Pinocchio Pens

The nib of the Montblanc Carlo Collodi Fountain Pen

The hand-crafted nib made of champagne gold is engraved with a subtle reminder of the story: the cricket - the embodiment of Pinocchio's conscience.
Montblanc Carlo Collodi Pinocchio Fountain Pen Nib.


The cap of the Montblanc Carlo Collodi Pens

Pinocchio's Fairy-tale world unfolds on the champagne-tone gold-plated skeletonised cap, which shows the protagonist and his companions: the good fairy, the loyal cricket, the shady fox, the deceitful cat and the voracious whale all combine to give this writing instrument a playful yet noble look. A screw set into the clip symbolises the joints of the famous marionette while Collodi's signature completes the cop of this Limited Writers Edition.
Montblanc Carlo Collodi Pinocchio pen cap 


The cone of the Montblanc Carlo Collodi Pens

The barrel is made of dark brown precious resin, perfectly complemented by a champagne gold-plated cone, an
impressive representation of Pinocchio's remarkable nose.
Montblanc Carlo Collodi pen cone
Montblanc Carlo Collodi pen presentation box. 
The Montblanc Carlo Collodi fountain pen comes complete with a special presentation box.

About Carlo Collodi

Carlo Collodi was many things in his life - a journalist, a bookseller, a civil servant, revolutionary and an author, but he was never Famous. He died an 26 October l890, just a few years after the publication of his greatest work and just before "le avventure di Pinocchio. Storia di un burattino' (The Adventures of Pinocchio. The story of a wooden puppet) started to become one of the world's most widely read books. 
Montblanc Carlo Collodi booklet 

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