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S.T. Dupont Money Clip - Square Design, Lacquer and Palladium
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S.T. Dupont Keyring - Diamond Head Mini Lighter, Palladium
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S.T. Dupont Keyring - Diamond Head Mini Lighter, Yellow Gold
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S.T. Dupont Key Holder - Elysee Black

Space for 6 keys and 1 zippered pocket.

Size:6.5 x 10.5 cm

Product Code: 180015/SN081

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S.T. Dupont - Keyrings And Money Clips

S.T. Dupont Paris Keyrings and Money Clips with Engraving, Gift Wrap & Next Day Delivery

S.T. Dupont Paris has 4 Arts within their brand; The art of writing, the art of fire, the art of traveling and the art of seduction. Dupont keyrings and money clips fall in to their accessories art - seduction.
Our collection of Dupont key rings are discreet in size but iconic in design. Made from silver, gold and leather our selection have been handpicked to offer you a variety of styles. Our money clips are made of palladium, a strong and elegant material. Along with the minimalist design, it is sure to become a true classic.
Purchase your very own S.T. Dupont Money clip or keyring today and have the item engraved, gift wrapped and delivered worldwide.


S.T. Dupont Paris Corporate Gifts - Keyrings and Money Clips

When looking for a smart corporate gift, consider a S.T. Dupont Paris keyring or money clip. Perfect for acknowledging achievements or recognition of service.


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