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Authorized Montblanc Retailer

Montblanc affirms that Wheelers Luxury Gifts
is an authorized Montblanc retailer.

For extra assurance, you can:
- Email Montblanc: [email protected]
- Contact Montblanc at +44 (0)20 7730 7681


Montblanc Ladies' Earrings

The Montblanc ladies' silver rotating star emblem earrings are a part of Montblanc's designer jewellery range.  The Montblanc earrings are made of sterling silver, with mother of pearl inlay and were inspired by the Mont Blanc mountain, which can be seen by the emblem representing the snow white mountain peak.  The earrings come complete with a bespoke presentation box, a two year guarantee and a certificate of authenticity.


Product Code: 36647/SN006