Moleskine Notebooks & Organisers

Moleskine Notebooks & Organisers

Moleskine notebooks come in a variety of colours, sizes, materials and more. Finding a trusty notebook is one of lives hidden gems. Moleskine notebooks will forever be your trusty companion. We carry a range of different sized Moleskine notebooks, from A7 to A5 to A4, we have a notebook for your desired need. All of our Moleskine notebooks feature a smooth leather hard or soft external cover and feature an elastic closure. The first page there is an "in case of loss" notice with space to jot down a reward for the finder. Need extra space for loose paper? Moleskine notebooks feature an expandable pocket in the back to keep everything safe.

As well as the standard notebook in your chosen colours we also have limited edition notebooks dedicated to different influential people in our time or fictional characters. Moleskine notebooks can easily be transported around with you when you're not using them.

Moleskine Notebooks & Organisers Personalisation

Moleskine notebooks could be a truly wonderful gift for a loved one. Why not go the extra mile and have it personalised with your loved one's initials. Leather embossing creates a unique gift for you to give a loved one on a special occasion. Choose from our many fonts available with either gold or silver foil embossing to create your look.

*Please note, not all Moleskine notebooks can be embossed. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Finish off your Moleskine purchase by adding our £4 gift wrapping service.