Montblanc Rings

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Montblanc Rings

The Montblanc Ladies rings look fabulous when worn out in the evening for a special night out. All the designs are inspired by the snow capped peak of the Mont Blanc mountain.

There are varying designs available: one shows the 1920's style of the Mont Blanc snow capped peak emblem, while another is a symbol of femininity showing strength.  Diamonds, precious stones, gemstones, onyx and quartz are just some of the stones set into the sterling silver cases of the Montblanc rings.

The 1920's Montblanc design has a circular top with the rounded shape of the Montblanc peak and is filled with mother of pearl into silver. 

The Feminine ring 'Cabochon de Montblanc' is tall, rather than flat and has a uniquely cut stone presenting quartz and crystal with sterling silver.

Montblanc have also produced bracelets, earrings and necklaces to match and complement their collection of ladies costume rings.

Montblanc also produce a selection of gentlemen's rings in silver, stainless steel and decorated with gem stones to complement your attire.