Montblanc Ballpoint Pens

Montblanc Ballpoint Pens

Montblanc have many different collections of writing instruments including Meisterstück, StarWalker, Bohème, Special Edition and Limited Edition ballpoint pens. Each Montblanc collection uses different materials to create a unique writing instrument. View our selection of Montblanc ballpoint pens where you will see ranges featuring precious resin, platinum, sterling silver, diamonds, rose and yellow gold. Montblanc Ballpoint pens are the most popular writing instrument in the Montblanc range, they are perfect to write with for casual and important letters. Hopefully you will find your ideal Montblanc Ballpoint Pen for any occasion including graduation gifts for him or her.

All Montblanc Ballpoint pens have a twist mechanism which is operated by turning the pen cap to expose the ballpoint tip. Once twisted to close, the ballpoint retracts into the barrel of the casing so the ink will not spill. Montblanc Ballpoint pens use a tiny ball for the writing point to feed an oil based ink onto the writing surface which dries instantly, great for every day use, and the steady flow of ink is a joy to write with.

Every Montblanc Ballpoint pen has its own identification/serial number engraved into the metal ring above the clip. This serial number is written into your warranty booklet with the date of purchase which then commences the two year guarantee on your pen. Every pen that Montblanc produce has its own individual serial number which Montblanc keep on record in Hamburg, Germany. This serial number records when your pen was produced and which retailer it was sold to. All genuine Montblanc pens will have a serial number engraved into the ring above the clip to determine the pen's true validity.

Ballpoint Pen Refills

The Montblanc Meisterstück Classique and Le Grand ballpoint pens take the standard Montblanc ballpoint refills in various colours and are available in fine, medium and broad tips. Easily replaced by simply unscrewing the barrel to reveal the ballpoint refill. The Mozart ballpoint takes the smaller Montblanc ballpoint refills only available in blue and black.

For all the beautiful colours available for ballpoint pen refills please look at the Montblanc refills section on our site.

Montblanc Complimentary Engraving

We can engrave the majority of the Montblanc ballpoint pen ranges. The clips on the Montblanc ballpoint pens are narrow so we are slightly restricted for engraving space, but we are able to engrave a person's initials and a small name in various font choices. We can also engrave into the cap of the Montblanc ballpoint over three lines so you are able to add a memorable date or occasion as well as a person's name and initials. Once engraved we apply a colouring of either silver or gold to match the trim of the pen. This personalisation service makes a truly bespoke gift for lasting memories. For longer messages we can attach a gold or silver plaque to match the trim of your pen onto the Montblanc presentation box lid. We can engrave a company logo and message onto the plaque to create a truly unique bespoke gift for the special occasion that your pen is being presented for. Add our free of charge gift wrapping service on all Montblanc pens and your gift is complete and ready to be given.

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