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Nomination Jewellery

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Nomination of Italy

The Nomination Story

The story of Nomination opens in the 1980s. The place - the wonderful city of Sesto Fiorentino, in the heart of Tuscany. It was here that Paolo Gensini stumbled upon the brilliant idea of creating a collection of jewellery that was both affordable and personal to the wearer; jewellery that would convey the personality, the imagination and the aspirations of the wearer. Combine this innovative concept with traditional Florentine traditions of craftsmanship and the 'Composable' is in born!

The Composable comprises a bracelet whose individual links are fixed with a spring mechanism. Each link is enriched with a letter, a number or a symbol. These links, decorated in gold or enamel, can be set so as to spell a name, a date or to represent a personal passion.

The idea instantly catches on and, before long, the range of symbols has grown to over 2,000. New materials are added, including stones, precious and semi-precious gems and diamonds.

The ultimate consequence is the birth of a truly iconographic language, born to create messages, express personalities and to reveal passions through customised jewellery.

The Nomination language is a powerful one that immediately crosses Italian borders to conquer the world, before long becoming something of a generational cult.

Nomination Jewellery at Wheelers

At Wheelers, we truly are Nomination specialists. With literally hundreds of charms available to order, our range of this beautiful stainless steel and sterling jewellery is truly legendary.

With the breadth of our range of Nomination Charms and Bracelets, there are millions of possible permutations that can be composed. In other words, you can create your own distinctive bracelet that represents everything that is 'you'.  These bracelets are ideal for any age with bracelets that can be sized to fit even the smallest of wrists.

The Nomination story doesn't end with bracelets and charms. Feel free to browse through our unmatched collection of other Nomination jewellery items, such as Rings, Necklaces and Earrings.

Personalisation, Giftwrap and Corporate Gifts

For the majority of our collections, we promote our personalisation service. With Nomination of course, it's a different story. For, by its very nature, a Nomination Bracelet is already personalised.

But at Wheelers we like to make every purchase feel 'extra special', so why not have your purchase gift wrapped and shipped anywhere in the world?

Do you sometimes look for an original way to celebrate corporate success? An original and attractive way to show your appreciation of an employee's efforts or achievements is with a personal bracelet from Nomination. What better way to say 'Well done!'

Wheelers Luxury Gifts is an Authorised Nomination Retailer. Visit the Official Nomination website.