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Gift Guide This Christmas 2017

10th Nov 2017
Gift Guide This Christmas 2017

So here’s the one you have been waiting for, we are aware that the Christmas period is creeping up on everyone again so we have put together a gift guide for both men and women to help you out and give you ideas this Christmas. Christmas is a time for friends and family to get together and enjoy a few days of celebrating, presents are usually involved in this and with lots of new stock having arrived and arriving in the next few weeks we want to share with you ideas we have that would make great gifts for all your loved ones; there is something for everyone. Now my favourite part of Christmas isn’t actually the present unwrapping but it’s the lead up to the event itself I love shopping generally but there is something special about Christmas shopping and collecting ideas for my family. Writing lists and ticking off as I go; knowing that what I have bought will make someone very happy is the most amazing feeling.

Quick tips for Christmas gift buying

  1. Make sure you have a rough idea of what the person you’re buying for is interested in-it always makes it easier when searching for the perfect gift(s).
  2. Be sure to write your lists-these will help you remember when shopping so you don’t over buy or purchase things you didn’t necessarily need, tick off as you go.
  3. Pick your timing-now no one likes the hustle bustle of Christmas shopping when you can’t see or get to the aisle you want or when the queues are that long you end up spending hours stood at a standstill and haven’t got time for the rest of your shopping.
  4. Do not panic buy-It is easy to do and we have all done it and probably will carry on making this mistake but giving yourself plenty of time is always a good thing because then you actually get what you needed and aren’t stressed at the last minute.
  5. If ordering online then make sure it’s in plenty of time for delivery to be made-this is a crucial one because leaving things to the last minute can lead to gifts not being received on the day.
  6. Shop about-now we here at Wheelers will always price match and will ensure a smooth and reliable transaction which you may not necessarily receive from other companies but do shop about and get the best deal for you.

Personalisation Options

  • We here at Wheelers Luxury Gifts offer an engraving and embossing service on many of our products to add a lasting special message to your loved ones. This service is done by our in-house engravers who work around the clock to make sure that the engraving is up to scratch ensuring satisfaction. The engraving can be done on select products themselves otherwise we offer plaque engraving which can be applied to the presentation box.
  • Gift wrapping can be tedious and by the time you have done a few the novelties has worn off. So we also offer a gift wrapping service for an extra £4.00 on top of the cost of the product. There are three options at Christmas:
    These all come with a blank gift card which can remain blank or can have a message hand written on it for you by one of our esteemed sales assistants who can help with any queries you may have.
    • Red and gold patterned luxury gift wrap with a gold ribbon bow.
    • Purple luxury gift wrap with a purple ribbon bow.
    • Silver luxury gift wrap with a black ribbon bow.

Engraving and gift wrap is free on all Montblanc and TUMI products

  • We also offer free UK delivery on every product excluding lighter gas which is £6.00 extra and free UK next day delivery on items £100.00 and over.

So below there is a gift guide for both women and men from various brands including a few of our newest brands Paul Smith and TUMI.

If you would like to find out more about our two new brands and some of the luxury products then read about our introduction to the brands below:
Read about our introduction to Paul Smith also read about the products we stock in Paul Smith
Read about our introduction to TUMI also read about the products we stock in TUMI

We thoroughly believe these ideas may help you leading up to December.



For the gents, whether this is your Husband, Dad, Brother, Uncle, Grandad or Son or maybe just a friend there are plenty of ideas to fit the purpose for each relation.


One of our most popular brands known mainly for their collection of writing instruments, not featured because everyone knows about the Montblanc pens and knows how to find them. Instead we have chosen some other items which you may not have thought of. So firstly let’s talk about Montblanc watches totally new to Wheelers and stocked by popular demand. A typical stocking filler is a men’s fragrance and the Montblanc Legend is one of the brands most generic fragrance created with core values of elegance, precision and detail with key ingredients of Bergamot, lavender, jasmine and sandalwood. Another great gift for a man would be a wallet or money clip depending on preference perfect for keeping all the cash in that he can then spend on you women.

Hugo Boss

This brand is always a crowd pleaser with an extensive amount of men’s gifts it was hard to pick only four as our main ideas but nevertheless we managed to narrow it down for you. Slippers because well why not. Boxer shorts well men are always in need of these and Hugo Boss boxers have a nice stretch and made from a cotton blend to ensure a comfortable fit. We stock a large amount of Hugo Boss phone cases for all different size iPhones.


One of our newest brands and prestigious brands, TUMI is hitting the world by storm and more and more shops are popping up. World renowned for its travel accessories including luggage, bags and business accessories but the brand also does a fair amount of daily essential pieces and with the cooler months upon us a TUMI PAX jacket could make the most perfect gift for your hubby. The puffer jacket has been on trend for the last couple of years and still has a platform in the fashion world but they don’t all have the features that a PAX jacket has in terms of how soft the material feels on the skin another feature is the jacket compacts down into a neck roll which is amazing when travelling. Various colours, sizes and styles are available. Another great gift would be a pair of the wireless earphones as part of our electronics department. These are great for when at the gym because you haven’t got a bulky phone in your pocket, they’re great for travelling because they compact down into a small case, perfect for taking business calls on, travelling to work if you fancy some music on your drive or walk. We believe these are going to be a ‘go to’ essential. As sticking fillers TUMI leather accessories are a good place to start with wallets, card holders and laptop cases perfect for any gent especially if he is the business type.

Aspinal of London

Firstly men’s Aspinal, women’s is below but for the gents we have a selection of cognac coloured leather good in store for you including hipflasks, wash bags, desk accessories and travel wallets. These gifts aren’t essentials for men but would make great gift ideas nevertheless.

Paul Smith

One of our newest brands this year with many items embracing the signature Paul Smith stripe design. We have a few stocking filler ideas such as belts, keyrings, sock and cufflinks all the things a man should have.

For women we have some on-trend leather accessories and women’s clothing as well many more stocking filler ideas and main presents depending on how you choose to celebrate Christmas in your household. There is something for Spouses, Grandmothers and Mum's below.


Like the men’s side of our Montblanc gift guide there is a fragrance just because. As part of the Fine Stationary a new-ish range to Montblanc we have in store a collection of many subtle and vibrant colours. Jewellery is always a go to for women and Montblanc do some stunning pieces featuring both delicate and chunky more costume style jewellery.

Lulu Guinness

Enter the weird and wonderful world of Lulu Guinness a sure favourite for any woman looking to ‘trend’ up an outfit and it’s the perfect time of the year for a Lulu with Christmas events and New Years creeping up on us it’s party time and nothing says ‘party’ more than a Lulu Guinness clutch or handbag. With that said Christmas is also a time for travelling to visit all the family; new to us is Lulu Guinness luggage featuring the beautiful iconic red lip suitcase. To complete the Lulu packaged a portable phone charger so you can have power to your phone wherever you visit.


Is one of our newest brands consisting of extremely luxurious leather accessories and luggage. Having said that TUMI also do a very nice range of ladies handbags, purses, cosmetic accessories and jackets-which leading into winter these jackets are a light but warm way of wrapping up. They also have a special feature and can be folded up making them great for travelling as they then turn into a neck roll.

Aspinal of London

For Aspinal lovers we have a extensive selection of all leather good small or large as well as jewellery, clothing items such as scarves and novelty gifts like board games, hipflasks and candles. However for the women’s gift guide we have chosen one of the new a/w17 Aspinal handbags featuring the iconic saddle bag in a dusk pink colour perfect for this time of year and extremely on trend paired with girly going out outfit's. Keeping with the pink theme let’s talk cosmetic bags now Aspinal do a wide variety of make-up bags in a range of different colours, sizes and styles perfect for keeping toiletries, make-up or tech items in when travelling. Scarves are a must this time of year but instead of wool and warmth, Aspinal have a variety of silk scarves which yes we are aware aren’t a warm scarf but make great accessories for the evening dos. Silk scarves can be used in so many ways and one of the ways the catwalk models have been wearing them is wrapped or tied around their handbag handles creating contrast and making your handbag that little bit different to everyone else.

Radley London

A truly British brand based in London, this luxury affordable designer brand creates beautiful leather accessories all based around the theme of the iconic Scottish terrier dog ‘Radley’. Small stocking filler accessories such as umbrellas, travel pieces like passport covers and keyrings accompanied by a Radley handbag as a main gift would complete a women’s Christmas. Some aren’t a fan of the small dog and some are with the brand there is variety and not every design has the small dog design. Don’t forget to look out each season for the Limited Edition ‘Picture’ bag and matching purse. Spoiler-the winter/Christmas design will be out soon.

We also have a few gifts which are perfect for adults only but also great gifts for couples.

Georg Jensen

With a huge amount of new stock in various categories, Georg Jensen is an extremely beautiful and luxurious home ware brand as well as doing its own jewellery selection. Most of the home ware is made from highly polished stainless steel made it very easy to coordinate in your home. Around Christmas time serving bowls are needed for the dinner table, wine cooler or champagne coolers are needed to ensure the bottle keeps chilled for serving.

And the champagne...

Champagnes make a lovely gift to either go alongside something or on their own and would be welcome to anyone especially around celebration events like Christmas, whether it is consumed on the lead up, at Christmas or after towards New Years.


New this year is the very first Limited Edition 2006 Rosé encased in a gold metal cage featuring the name 'Bollinger' cut out of the metal. The bottle of rosé has a salmon-pink appearance, with aromas of tobacco, chocolate and roasted coffee beans. A palate of fruit jellies, honey and blood orange.


This non-vintage has a delicate pomegranate pink colour and has faint glimmers of orange, it offers you an initial fruity flavour followed by a rose floral taste. This is a truly festive champagne perfect for drinking from apéritif to dessert.

Dom Pérignon

Each year around about this time Dom Pérignon bring out a limited edition bottle of champagne which packaging has been designed by an artist, called the ‘Creators Edition’. This year DP formed a partnership with Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka who created a beautiful bottle and box designed around his personal work of ‘Prisms’. The vintage 2009 champagne is a blend of ripe fruit, vanilla and toasted brioche with hints of liquorice.

Laurent Perrier

Every year LP bring out a version of their Rosé enrobed in a rose gold metal cage. This year’s version fit around the bottle and hugs the perfect symmetrical curves of the bottle precisely. The rosé smells of wild berries and red fruits enticing you to drink.

If you would like to learn more or purchase from our Christmas gift guide then view our website or any of the links below. You can contact us via email or call 01509266320. Purchase whilst stocks last.