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Montblanc Blue is the New Black

14th May 2018
Montblanc Blue is the New Black

Welcoming spring and summer with a different shade of blue by Montblanc. Each and every day we are all surrounded by colours some plain and some bright - brilliant blues, zealous reds and deep purples. Certain colours stimulate our motivation and the creativity inside us evoking happiness and optimism; in a single glimpse we see the whole colour spectrum its a powerful form of communication. Colour can sway our thoughts and how we are feeling; colours can change our actions and what we plan on doing and how we do them.

Take Jodhpur in India and imagine walking through the alleys in between the houses along the beautiful blue streets discovering the different shades of blue on the walls of 'The Blue City'. This was an indicator or social class and the blue colour has now become to define the Thar Desert city.

Blue is one of the three primary colours, it was also an important colour within the decoration and art since ancient times, the semi-precious stone Lapis which was used in ancient Egypt times for both jewellery and ornamental pieces. Blue is the colour that is most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, confidence, distance, infinity, cold, sadness and the imagination; the colour is the most popular colour within communities chosen as their favourite colour on the colour spectrum wheel. Blue has also been associated with masculinity just ahead of black. We express ourselves through colour from what we wear, how we accessorize and how we decorate our lives.

Jodhpur, India has its practical reasons for blue painted walls this is for keeping the houses cool throughout the warmer months. Montblanc say "there is something quite magical about being surrounded by its different shades. The light changes, the mood changes, the whole environment changes, and the busyness of India fades into the background." We couldn't agree more the lighter and deeper tones of blue look simply stunning as Montblanc model strolls down the back alleys of Jodhpur.

Blue is the New Black

Which is what all the fuss is about and why blue is popping up everywhere in both high street and high end fashion especially when talking business fashion. Blue is an essential colour for everyone's wardrobe; it has the power to inspire and energise people as well as calm them and relax them. So why not bring your blue Montblanc document case from the Sartorial collection to meeting - It may work to your advantage. Or pay for your wives expensive handbag or your kids electricity bills with your Montblanc Meisterstück blue wallet - It may calm you when you need it the most.

Blue has many meanings, but Raoul Dufy, the French Fauvist painter, said there is one thing certain about the colour, “Blue is the only colour, which maintains its own character in all its tones…it will always stay blue."


Sartorial Blue Document Case

This document case is not the one pictured in the images but is very similar and is still a part of the Montblanc Sartorial collection. Crafted from the navy blue saffiano printed leather; this beautiful document case is ultra slim and is the perfect accessory for carrying across the body with your laptop and work documents inside when rushing to those business meetings.

The Fine Stationary Line

With the introduction of the new Fine Stationery Line, Montblanc continues to strive to fulfil its dedication to the writing culture and the pleasure of both writing and drawing. This range combines Montblanc's high product quality with their own contemporary spirit. This beautiful turquoise toned notebook is A5 sized with lined high quality pages inside finished off with the Montblanc emblem on the front marking the peak of the Montblanc Mountain.





The Backpack

Although this is not the backpack featured in the images above - which we do also stock by the way we feel this backpack really shows off Montblanc's dynamic and unique design qualities. The backpack is of course blue and crafted from saffiano leather in the Montblanc's Sartorial collection. With comfort in mind this backpack has extra padding on both the straps and the back for comfort when carrying all your daily essentials to and from work or when travelling - this makes the perfect hand luggage.

Travel in Blue

Also in the Sartorial collection are some smaller leather goods like this wash bag which can also be used as a tech pouch, cosmetic case or something to store both women's and men's accessories inside. This would make a great travel companion to separate all your essentials whilst staying in style with a touch of blue.

Blue is the Word

Accessorize your keys with a Montblanc key fob also embracing the blue vibe adding a touch of colour and stylish twist to your house or car keys. The new Sartorial pivot keyring with beautiful blue saffiano leather and stainless steel hardware.


Men in Blue

These vibrant cufflinks have been designed by Montblanc as part of the Urban Spirit collection which celebrate an understated style with a modern twist. They are formed from beautiful polished stainless steel featuring a exotic blue swirl centre similar to a rain puddle.

Accessorize in Blue

Stunning blue bracelet designed as part of the Le Petit Prince collection for men. Features the blue leather woven strap with stainless steel clasp adorned with the small yellow star featured on all the Le Petit Prince products; which is a reminder of laughter in the stars. The star symbol for the collection represents a passage from the story where before travelling back to his asteroid the little prince tells the pilot he will be able to hear his laugh any time simply by looking at the stars and remembering. Available in three different sizes.

We offer a free engraving and embossing service with our in house engraving team who work around the clock to ensure your item is beautifully personalised to your preferences - perfect for adding a personal touch.

We also offer a free gift wrapping service to ensure your gift comes beautifully wrapped with a small hand written gift tag so you do not have the hassle of gift wrapping the item when it arrives.

If you would like to learn more or purchase from any of our Montblanc blue collection above then contact us via email for more information or alternatively you can call the shop on 01509 266320.