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The Montblanc ‘Beatles’ collection

16th Nov 2017
The Montblanc ‘Beatles’ collection

Montblanc are well known for their Great Characters collection and pay tribute to great people and their lifetime work. To remember these people Montblanc release a writing instrument in their name and based on them and their work. This has happened each year since 1992 by Montblanc. These pen’s are usually limited edition, this collection has been based on the world renowned band from the 1960’s, The Beatles.
The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool with four members, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The band quickly became widely known as the foremost and most influential act of the rock era. Mainly regarded for rock and roll vibe they later experimented with several different musical styles. This ranged from psychedelic, pop ballads and hard rock which often had classical elements included. The song writers Lennon and McCartney developed the band and the music grew in sophistication and the bands popularity sky rocketed in 1963 with the album ‘Beatlemania’. They built their reputation up playing in club in Liverpool and Hamburg over three years with a temporary bass player called Stuart Sutcliffe. Ringo became the drummer for the band in 1962 after a series of different drummers previously. Brian Epstein who was the bands manager developed them professionally and George Martin the producer guided and developed their recordings that greatly expanded their growth and popularity in the UK after their first hit “Love Me Do”. The Fab Four as they were nicknamed grew in Britain and became international stars before leading the “British Invasion” of the US pop market.
A lot happened over the next few years of the Beatles career in music and in the late 1960’s “Hello Goodbye” went to number one in both Britain and the US, the group launched the Apple clothes boutique in London which closed in 1968 like their next effort Apple Corps Ltd which was formed in 1968 and including Apple Records which was a record label founded by the Beatles but due to mismanagement was perishing. The record label was losing thousands of pounds so action took place and a new manager was brought in. The band then in 1969 recorded ‘Abbey Road’ which straightened out money issues at the time. This album became the Beatles best-selling album and even though it sold over 9 million copies Lennon announced he was leaving the band.
The four were pleaded with to get back together and announce a reunion but sadly in 1980 those speculations were put to rest with the murder of John Lennon by a mentally disturbed fan. It is safe to say the band had a very rewarding career as they fought their way to fame.
This collection by Montblanc marks aspects of the Beatles career including Abbey Road, Apple Corps Ltd and iconic symbols representing certain attributes important to the band.

In the collection there are a serious of pens including two limited edition pens, a notebook and three types of pen refills.
The two limited edition pens are made from white lacquer with a contrasting ruthenium-coated trim. There is a rollerball pen and a fountain pen limited to 1,969 for both types, this number marks the date the band produced ‘Abbey Road’ and became an extremely significant date for the band as that was the year they performed for the last time before splitting up, the year John Lennon announced he was leaving.
Around the cap and barrel are iconic symbols known to the Beatles and their career such as the ‘Peace’ symbol which was used as a general symbol back in the 60’s referenced by the Beatles many times. The “LMW 28 IF” printed on the cap refers to the license plate of the VW that was depicted on the Abbey Road album cover. There are also additional British culture and icons, such as the Union Jack symbol, which is connected to the “Her Majesty” song of the Abbey Road Album. The words "come together" and "love" refers to one of their songs "She Loves You" it is the chorus of the song, but became an instant musical hook for the song of the Beatles.

To finish the pen off the members of the Beatles signatures are also printed somewhere on the pen barrel and cap in black. There are other attributes on the pen that refer back to the Beatles including the cone of the pen which is inspired by the buttons on the mixing table in the studio, the clip on the side of the cap features the four moustaches which each of the members had. The top of the cap embraces the shape of the microphone used in the Abbey Road studio. The nib on the fountain pen has an apple engraved into the metal references Apple Records the recording studio the Beatles founded, a division of Apple Corps Ltd.

The other three pens in the collection take the shape of a fountain pen, rollerball pen and ballpoint all three embrace the same design which is a multicoloured stripe design which is inspired by the uniforms the Beatles wear on the cover of their famous Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. The rest of the design is similar to the limited edition pens in the sense that they have the moustache formed clip and the mixing tape inspired cone and microphone cap.

The notebook is also inspired by uniforms worn on the cover of the famous Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album with the four Beatles silhouettes printed on the front in white. The notebook is A5 size and has been made from luxury refined silk.
Last but not least in the collection are the refills for the pens embracing a psychedelic purple colour, these refills come in the form of medium rollerball and ballpoint pen refills and a small 50ml bottle of liquid ink for fountain pens.

If you would like to learn more or purchase from our Montblanc Beatles collection.  You can contact us via email or call 01509266320. Purchase whilst stocks last.