Meisterstuck Selection Soft Collection

Meisterstuck Selection Soft Collection

Montblanc is constantly evolving, adhering to the latest trends Montblanc's Meisterstück Selection Soft collection is designed for a new generation.

Soft leather combined with striking silhouettes. Montblanc created the Meisterstück Selection Soft range combines on-the-go convenience with stylish good looks. The Selection Soft line emulates versatility and elegance. The launch of the new line will be in black colour and a brand-new tone of blue with new functions.

Meisterstuck Selection Soft Collection small leather Montblanc goods.

Selection Soft Tote

The new collection features a range of large, medium and small leather goods. From wallets to card holders to backpacks and more, the Meisterstück Selection Soft collection is perfect for the modern-day commuter.

Find the Selection Soft range online or in-store today.

Montblanc selection soft backpack.