Proud Stockists of LAMY Pens

Proud Stockists of LAMY Pens
Proud Stockists of LAMY Pens

If you weren't already aware we are now stocking an array of different LAMY writing instruments, the brand creates pens for premium writing, young writing and modern writing so there is something for everyone. We have chosen to stock LAMY after taking over a new business earlier this year and found that LAMY writing instruments are very popular in the art of writing community. We here at Wheelers felt that the brand could bring something different to our already large variety of writing instruments collection. Our selection of LAMY pens can be viewed and purchased in-store or online.

We are based in the heart of Loughborough, Leicestershire where you will be able to view the collection and the wide selection of pens at the tips of your fingers.

LAMY is a producer of writing instruments, it is German owned by Josef Lamy, he founded the business in 1930 by purchasing the Orthos pen manufacturer. Up until 2006 the company was ran by Josef Lamy's son, Manfred Lamy.

Design, quality and ‘Made in Germany’ are the pillars of the Lamy corporate strategy.

LAMY produce a series of different writing instruments; ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens as well as mechanical pencils and multisystem writing instrument which combine mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens in one pen. As well as writing instruments they also produce their own kind of refills for all the different writing tools provided.

The LAMY writing instruments are split into three categories which are; Modern Writing, Premium Writing and Young Writing providing a pen for just about everyone.

Modern Writing

Below we have a couple of the modern writing instruments, the first being the ST twin writing tool which is both a mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen in one, providing you with two popular sorts of instruments in one, allowing you to switch and change between to get the desired form of writing. The second is the Swift rollerball, which for the first time is a cap-less rollerball pen, it works like a ballpoint, writes like a rollerball giving you best of both worlds. Both of these writing instruments are designed with contemporary design in mind, with a beautiful stylish and current exterior in very modernized colour ways with state of the arts technology providing a cutting edge instrument to carry out every day tasks.

Premium Writing

Now into the more premium side of the brand, we have the Studio collection and the 2000 collection both beautiful and both exceptionally designed. The Studio ballpoint is sleek and stylish with a simple twisted clip providing design detail against the matt fire blasted barrel and cap. Secondly the 2000 fountain pen is the prime choice for fountain pen lovers with a unique nib and matt black fibreglass shell; this is the superior writing instrument for serious fountain pen enthusiasts.

Young Writing

For the youngsters, whether that be primary school students all the way to college students we have something for the younger generations to enjoy. The ABC fountain pen is great for those primary school kids who have just received their pen license and are now able to write with a pen instead of a pencil; personalise the pen with the stickers included so each pupil can have their name written on the side of the maple wood pen so they know that pen is theirs; a sweet gift to reward students with. The Safari collection is probably the most well known and purchased collection available in many different colours and styles, not just ballpoints the collection provided rollerball pens and fountain pens to suit everyone's needs and at a great price - the perfect gift for a college student before going up to University.



For those skilled writers who perform the art of Calligraphy we also stock a few calligraphy fountain pens. The Joy collection is situated in our fountain pen category and there is a choice of nib sizes from 1.1 to 1.5 to 1.9. Ideal if you are starting out in the world of Calligraphy or if you are already fairly skilled in the art.

Personalisation - We off an engraving and embossing service with our in house engraving team who work around the clock to ensure your item is beautifully personalised to your preferences.

Corporate Gifts

LAMY is one of those brands that is in high demand for corporate gifts and back to school pen licenses, with our in house personalisation team provided the item can be engraved onto we will help find the perfect pen to create a special gift for someone.

We have already had plenty of demand with corporate order's for our new LAMY collection and feel it is the perfect choice for Corporate Gifts. Whether it be retirement, long term service or company awards.

We have a vast array of products and can provide large quantities for Corporate clients. With our in house designer and engraving team, we can engrave bespoke text and your company logo on to your chosen product*

* Provided the chosen product can be engraved upon.

If you would like to learn more or purchase from any of our LAMY collection then contact us via email for more information or alternatively you can call the shop on 01509 266320.