Proud Stockists of TUMI

Proud Stockists of TUMI

We are extremely excited and proud to announce that a new brand will be hitting the shelves here at Wheelers Luxury Gifts. This is an amazing brand to announce to our customers and we are thrilled to inform you as you will soon be able to purchase online and in-store right in the heart of Loughborough.

TUMI produce strong, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs; by using the finest and toughest materials to add luxury and create something that will actually last and not break down with the daily wear and tears of life. There is a vast amount of products TUMI produce; with luggage being their main priority and is something they are extensively updating and improving upon, along with this they manufacture small leather items such as wallets and card holders. They also produce accessories like keyrings, belts, money clips and travel accessories as well as now designing a portable jacket line and electronics development; handbags and phone cases have also been launched on the platform expanding the brands image and market.

TUMI have taken the world by storm and are featured globally in the press; as seen in magazines such as 'Women's Health', 'GQ UK', 'New Yorker', 'LA Times', 'Forbes Korea' and 'Boomerang Business Week' are just a few of the popular press TUMI have been shown in.

The TUMI Tracer® was launched in 1999 which is a product identification and recovery program. This is exclusive to TUMI and only exists on core luggage and business collections. The complimentary service helps reunite TUMI customers with their lost or stolen bags when travelling. Your personal details are uploaded onto the TUMI system central database and match to your barcode which is featured as a key component on each luggage item which can be tracked if your luggage is missing so it can be safely be brought home.

Another TUMI solution is the stressful, slow-moving security line TUMI T-Pass. This is a security essential which will cut down your time in the line. The TSA-approved T-Pass means you can leave your laptop in your bag when passing through the scanners.

Identity theft is a nightmare especially recently – TUMI have created a solution to that as well; incorporating something called the TUMI ID Lock into their small leather collections. The technology is basically a blocking system which halts the transmission from the scanners keeping your sensitive information safely unreadable.

If you sometimes find when travelling you have more bags than hands – well with the TUMI add-a-bag strap this won’t happen again. It allows travellers to effortlessly carry two or three items at the same time only using one hand! It holds an excess of 200 lbs, alternatively to the strap there is an add-a-bag sleeve on the back of small luggage items which slips over the top of luggage handles.

Shoulder straps can be annoying because they slip off; well the TUMI solution is a new and improved design which incorporates metal loop joints that attach to the straps on the shoulder pad to help prevent the bag sliding off of your shoulder.

TUMI believes in encouraging innovation, creativity and keeps a code of ethics within the dynamic designs they produce; abiding by all government rules and regulations. The brand takes its customers very seriously and values their custom and opinions on products; which is why the company has an amazing repairs office where they work around the clock restoring and repairing damaged bags before offering a new replacement product. Not only is this a cost-effective solution for customers, but also helps to reduce unnecessary waste.

The TUMI Story:

The company was founded in 1975; TUMI takes its name from a Peruvian ceremonial knife known to its founder Charlie Clifford. Charlie spent a short time in Peru serving in the Peace Corps; the young entrepreneur also imported leather bags from South America.  The South Plainfield, New Jersey based manufacturer of suitcases and bags for travel is now a worldwide known brand that has massively expanded supplying beautiful creations to the public.

During the 1980’s, TUMI’s innovative introduction of soft, ultra-functional, black on black ballistic nylon travel bags catapulted the business to its current leadership role of today.

George Esquivel is a shoe designer and craftsmen. He is the founder, president and design director for Esquivel Designs. George has now become the creative director of TUMI; still designing his shoes and wearing them himself however he is also creating and designing leather goods and functional items for the TUMI brand.

Jerome Griffiths is the former head of lifestyle brand at TUMI before leaving to take over as chief executive officer at Lands’ End Inc. Jerome also served as president and CEO of Southfield, N.J.-based TUMI Holdings Inc from April 2009 – August 2016 to Samsonite International SA, for which he now serves as a non-executive director. Griffiths has served in many executive positions for apparel brands. He is a highly respected global executive with extensive experience for driving growth and innovation for iconic brands; such as TUMI. This has helped TUMI become a leading brand of today.

Below is a breakdown of how the company rose to the position it is today.



  • TUMI was founded by Charlie Clifford.


  • Emerged as a leading design company in the travel industry with the revolutionary carry-on garment bag.
  • The ballistic nylon was introduced.


  • TUMI entered the European market through the establishment of a branch office in Germany.


  • Expanded with the introduction of men’s leather wallets and product mix.


  • TUMI launched the ‘Wheel-a-Way’ which was a state of the art wheeled luggage design that featured numerous custom designed components and exceptional packing capacity which was exclusive to TUMI.


  • The very first store in Santa Monica, California opened.
  • TUMI Asia was established to further develop the Asian market.
  • The Add-a-bag strap was invented and the framed expansion system.
  • The first New York store opened at Grand Central and the TUMI Tracer program was invented on core and business collections.


  • Europe and Japan stores opened and the company celebrated 25 years in the making.


  • Award-winning electronic travel accessories were produced.


  • The 50th store opened which expanded sales to over 30 countries.


  • The world renowned ‘Alpha Collection’ was launched, a completely updated offering of TUMI's signature travel and business designs.
  • Flagship stores are opened in Moscow, Dubai, Cape Town, Osaka, and Milan, along with new boutiques in Harrods (London), KaDeWe (Berlin) and Macy's (New York).


  • Celebrated their 35th anniversary.


  • Creative Director was appointed to George Esquivel.

Before crossing the finish line all TUMI products are put through a combination of thirty unique tests this is basically a quality check TUMI themselves pioneered.

Product quality and selecting the right materials, styles and function are key attributes that have made TUMI the leading international business for accessories and travel lifestyle; there is no other product made like TUMI-it is one of a kind. This is what TUMI call the ‘TUMI Difference’; it is how the brand approaches every aspect and detail of product design.

The trials include:

  1. Product Safety
  2. Colorfastness to Crocking
  3. Colorfastness to Water/Water Repellancy
  4. Colorfastness to Perspiration
  5. Colorfastness to UV Fading
  6. Oil Resistance
  7. Clean ability
  8. Finish Adhesion
  9. Abrasion Resistance
  10. Bally Flex
  11. Stiffness
  12. Tensile Strength
  13. Tear Strength
  14. Seam Strength
  15. Break/Pipiness
  16. Shrinkage
  17. Dimensional Stability
  18. Salt Spray
  19. Mini-Tumble
  20. Operational Forces
  21. Zipper Crosswise Strength
  22. Zipper Puller Tensile Strength
  23. Environmental Cycle
  24. Handle Jerk/Strap Jerk
  25. Drop Test
  26. Tumble Test
  27. Telescoping Handle Free Fall/Impact
  28. Telescoping Handle Cycling
  29. Mileage Cycle
  30. Customized tests as required


Please email us for more information about TUMI products or alternatively you can call the shop on 01509 266320.