What's New with Wheelers?

What's New with Wheelers?

It’s been a while since we updated you on the world of Wheelers Luxury Gifts and what’s been going on. As you know, we’re constantly updating our website by adding new exciting products from your favourite brands such as Montblanc, TUMI, Paul Smith & our latest addition, Moleskine but you may not notice a new product has been uploaded. Well, fear not, here’s an updated list of some of our new favourite products.


Now, we couldn’t start a list any other way than starting with Montblanc. As you know, we are the largest independent retailer of Montblanc products therefore, we get hundreds of Montblanc products monthly so it’s understandable if you can’t keep up.

Firstly, I want to discuss the new coloured PIX writing instruments. PIX is a staple collection by Montblanc, they’re reliable, simple and fun colour. Recently, we’ve added the manganese orange PIX pens to our website which are vibrant and will definitely get people talking. The Montblanc PIX writing instrument is a great stepping stone when you’re transitioning into the world of Montblanc writing instruments. If you’re not sold by now this will definitely grab your attention, we can engrave the pen for free on either the pen cap or clip.

Montblanc is also known for its intricate jewellery from cufflinks to earrings to necklaces they’re definitely a statement piece. Montblanc cufflinks, they’re fun, stylish and suitable for all occasions. Below are some of our new favourite cufflinks that have been designed by Montblanc;

Montblanc mother of pearl inlay

Montblanc Star Mother of Pearl Inlay Cufflinks - £230. 

Montblnac blue hour cufflinks

Montblanc Meisterstück Blue Hour Square Cufflinks - £285.

Montblanc black PVD cufflinks

Montblanc Black PVD & Mother of Pearl Star Cufflinks - £300.

Montblanc star ray cufflinks

Montblanc Star Rays Mother of Pearl Inlay Cufflinks - £300.

Montblanc AU750 Red Gold Cufflinks

These Au750 Red Gold cufflinks are definitely for extra special occasions and must be handled with care.

For any special ladies out there we have the perfect pink gold jewellery set. The Set 1 Pink Gold Mignardises is a dainty beautiful set that that’s perfect for any extra special occasion.

Montblanc bracelet

Montblanc Set 1 Pink Gold Mignardises Bracelet - £705.

Montblanc earrings

Montblanc Set 1 Pink Gold Mignardises Earrings - £765.

Montblanc necklace

Montblanc Set 1 Pink Golf Mignardises Necklace - £790.

*Please note all pieces ARE sold separately.

Keep your eye’s on what’s coming in September as we may have some new Montblanc products that take your fancy.


You’re probably wondering ‘why haven’t I noticed Moleskine on the website before?’. That’s because we’ve only just got it in. From ruled, plain or squared notebooks to backpacks, wallets and laptop bags Moleskine is the perfect office accessories brand.

Keep your eye on Moleskine as we will be receiving many more products in.


TUMI, TUMI and more TUMI. TUMI is the perfect mix of luxury travel with functional everyday bags, briefcases and accessories.

TUMI backpacks are always popular, they come in all shapes, colours, sizes and all have different functions. Some are for leisure and some are for business, below is a compiled list of the recent TUMI backpacks we’ve received;

TUMI carson black and silver

TUMI Black and Silver Nylon Carson Backpack - £365. 

TUMI Nathan black backpack

TUMI Black Alpha Bravo Nathan Backpack - £375.

TUMI nathan brushed blue

TUMI Brushed Blue Alpha Bravo Nathan Backpack - £375.

TUMI navy nathan backpack

TUMI Navy Alpha Bravo Nathan Backpack - £375.

TUMI brushed blue sheppard deluxe

TUMI Alpha Bravo Brushed Blue Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack - £455.

TUMI Black marlow perforated backpack

TUMI Ashton Perforated Black Marlow Backpack - £975.

TUMI carbon marlow backpack

TUMI Ashton Carbon Marlow Backpack - £1,195.

TUMI carbon dalton backpack

TUMI Ashton Carbon Dalton Flap Backpack - £1,245.

Paul Smith

We’re not wishing the summer (or lack of) away but we’ve started preparing for winter with Paul Smith. From beanie’s to scarves to socks, Paul Smith will definitely be keeping you warm in the winter.

Paul Smith navy beanie

Paul Smith Wool Navy Pom-Pom Beanie - £65.

Paul Smith black beanie

Paul Smith Wool Black Pom-Pom Beanie - £65.

Paul Smith socks

Paul Smith Men's Three Pack of Navy Stripe and Polka Dot Socks - £45.

We also have hundreds of new Radley, Aspinal of London, Hugo Boss & Georg Jensen products coming in soon so keep your eyes peeled. You never know there might be a Christmas present sitting on our website waiting for you.

Side note, you may or may not have heard that last month Wheelers Luxury Gifts launched its sister company Pen Sense. Tons of different products and brands are on Pen Sense such as Sheaffer, Fisher, Pelikan and Waterman. So head over and have a look :).

Wheelers Luxury Gifts

Now for the less exciting bit but you may or may not know that we offer personalisation services. From engraving/embossing (on select items) to gift wrapping services we can make your gift even more special. Celebrating a special employee? Check out our corporate engraving section. Did someone say Free UK Delivery on ALL items? That’s right, we offer Free UK Delivery on all items and Free UK Next Day Delivery on items over £100. If you have any extra questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help :).