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Dom Pérignon Champagne

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Dom Perignon Champagne

"... not just a champagne. Quite simply 'the best wine in the world'!"

Pierre Perignon 1694

A History of Wine Perfection

In 1668 the young monk, Pierre Perignon, took up the position of cellarer and procurator of the Benedictine Abbey of Hautviller. Located on the northern slopes of the Marne in the heart of Champagne, the abbey was ideally suited for the production of fine wine. Under Pierre's watch, the vineyards of the abbey prospered. Such was reputation of the quality of this wine that, before long, word reached the ear of the King himself at the court of Versailles.

The 47 years that Pierre Perignon spent at the abbey were dominated by his quest for perfecting the finest wines possible. He researched techniques both old and new and ultimately pioneered the 'method champenoise', which is still used to this day.

The Traditions Continue

Richard Geoffroy, since 1990 Dom Perignon's Chef de Cave, explains what the spirit of Dom Perignon means to him -

\3The legacy of the Abbey is beyond technical. It is first and foremost spiritual. As I work these grounds, I become one with this space, with no objective other than remaining true to the timeless essence of Dom Perignon.\3

Richard's role as Chef de Cave means that he is solely responsible for the decision to declare a Dom Perignon 'vintage'.

What Makes Dom Perignon Unique?

'Couture in a glass' - the unique taste and sensation of a glass of Dom Perignon champagne wine results from much more than simply the sum of its parts.

A vintage is only ever created from the grapes of a single year's harvest, which then undergoes seven years of the ageing process. The grapes from seventeen of the very finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards undergo an 'assemblage'.

A vintage is only declared if the Grand Cru grapes match the required irrevocably high standards.

Celebrate Corporate Success with Dom Perignon at Wheelers

Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne is the perfect way to celebrate your business success.

Are you celebrating a company target exceeded? Has an employee earned promotion? Have you won a new contract or are you entertaining a VIP guest? Whatever the occasion, let us engrave your chosen bottle of Dom Perignon with your company logo or your personal message. There's no better way to say 'Thank You!' or 'Well done!'.

Making It Personal

For a truly unforgettable personal gift for a special friend, we'll engrave your special message directly on to the champagne bottle or onto a plaque for its presentation box?

The Finishing Touch

Let us add the perfect finishing touch to your presentation by gift wrapping and delivering your bottle of Dom Perignon anyway in the world.

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