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Ebel Watches for Ladies and Gentlemen

The Architects of Style, Elegance & Precision

The Ebel brand is that rare breed which brings together the perfect mix of design, style, engineering, art and craftsmanship.

The Ebel Story

In 1911, in the Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds, Eugene Blum and his wife, Alice Levy, founded Ebel Watches. They derived the brand name from the first letters of Eugene's first and second name, 'et' (the French for 'and') and his wife's maiden name, 'Levy'. From the very earliest days, Eugene and Alice were determined to stay true to their values. Their vision was to manufacture the very finest Swiss-engineered watches which would combine distinctive style with technical expertise.

Ever conscious of the need for innovation, Ebel were among the first manufacturers to introduce the idea of a wrist watch, when pocket watches had always been the norm.

The early decades saw Ebel watches earn numerous awards and diplomas at a succession of European fashion shows and exhibitions. During the years of World War II, such was their reputation for accuracy and durability that Ebel watches became the official watch of the RAF.

Soon after the war Ebel was one of the first manufacturers to introduce the self-winding 'a retort' movement watches. Before long the designers at Ebel came up with the famous 'wave link' bracelet watches - the distinctive style of bracelet that makes this wonderful brand recognisable the world over.

Ebel watches continue to this day to be at the very forefront of timepiece style, quality and innovation.

Ebel Watches at Wheelers

At Wheelers Luxury Gifts, we're proud of our association with the world-famous Ebel brand. We stock a wide range of watches for both ladies and gentlemen. Leading the way for the men

  • Sports Wave,
  • 100,
  • Hexagon,
  • 1911.

And for Ladies

  • Sports,
  • Wave,
  • Brasilia,
  • Beluga,
  • Beluga Tonneau.

Personalisation, Gift Wrap and Corporate Gifts

At Wheelers, we like to make every customer feel their purchase is special. In the case of Ebel Watches, we do this by engraving a name and a date on the back of the watch. We'll also engrave a small message on a plaque applied to the watch presentation box. We'd then be delighted to gift wrap your chosen watch and have it delivered anywhere in the world.

Do you have hard working employees who deserve to have their efforts and achievements recognised? There's no better way than with an Ebel watch - a gift that will be treasured forever.

Wheelers Luxury Gifts is an Authorised Ebel Retailer. Visit the Official Ebel website.