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Wheelers Luxury Gifts is the largest independent Montblanc retailer in the UK. Offering free Montblanc engraving and free UK delivery on all Montblanc products. Our Montblanc Boutique sits in our Wheelers Luxury Gifts store in Loughborough, Leicestershire, and features a huge array of Montblanc writing instruments, jewellery and leather. We would love for you to come and visit, we are open 6 days a week, Monday to Friday 9 - 5:30 pm and Saturday 9:30 - 5 pm. You may call 01509 266320 or contact us by email.

Montblanc Gifts

At Wheelers we carry a large assortment of collections in our Montblanc Shop/UK outlet, including Meisterstück; Meisterstück 90 Years; StarWalker; StarWalker Extreme; Bohème; Cruise and many more.

Montblanc Writing Instruments

We carry a wide range of Montblanc writing instruments including ballpoint pens, fountain pens, fineliner/rollerball pens and mechanical pencils. Featured are the various collections including Montblanc Meisterstück pens; StarWalker pens; Great Characters pens; Etoile pens, and the PIX pen collections.

There are limited and special editions featuring John F. Kennedy, Joannes Brahms, Andy Warhol and Charles Dickens. 

Montblanc Writing Instrument Refills

We have an extensive range of refills featuring: Montblanc pen refills, fountain pen refills, rollerball pen refills, ballpoint pen refills, fineliner pen refills and pencil refills with free UK delivery.

Montblanc Leather & Travel

We stock a large assortment of Montblanc leather for ladies and gentlemen featuring, belts, bags (briefcases; laptop bags; messenger bags; travel bags, backpacks); luggage; wallets; travel accessories; purses; phone and tablet cases, from the following collections; MeisterstückNightflight, #MY4810 and Extreme/Extreme 2.0 to name a few.

Montblanc Jewellery and Accessories

Our Montblanc jewellery collections for ladies and gentlemen feature cufflinkstie clips, necklacesbraceletsearrings, watches, keyrings and money clips, featuring collections such as Summit 2, Souvenir d'Etoile, and Meisterstück

Montblanc Fragrances

We stock a wide selection of Montblanc fragrances for ladies' and gentlemen including Individuelle, Emblem, Presence and Legend. 

Montblanc International Warranty

All Montblanc luxury gifts come complete with a 2-year warranty booklet, a material cover to protect the Montblanc item and a luxury presentation gift box to look after your gift.

Montblanc Free Services 

We offer complimentary free personalised engraving on all Montblanc items if they can be engraved/embossed. We offer a complimentary gift wrapping service to finish off your purchase. We offer free UK delivery on all products and free UK next day delivery on products over £100. 

Montblanc Personalisation Service

We have in house designers and engravers who will be able to personalise your chosen Montblanc item with an inscription. There is nothing more personal than a gift that has been personalised. Whether the inscription is on the cap of a writing instrument, the back of a pair of cufflinks or on the front of a leather messenger bag.

We can usually engrave your chosen item within 24 hours and have it sent out to you for UK next working day delivery*

*If the item is in stock, and you have ordered before 3pm, we can ship out to you free next working day delivery in the UK.

Montblanc Gift Wrapping Service

We can gift wrap your chosen gift in luxury gift wrapping with a tag for free, to make your gift extra special to complete the presentation.

Montblanc Corporate Gifts

Montblanc is a world leader in luxury fashion and is the perfect choice for corporate gifts. Whether it be retirement, long term service or company awards. There isn't a better brand which will produce higher quality craftsmanship. This makes Montblanc an ideal choice for hard-working employees.

We have a vast array of products and can provide large quantities for corporate clients. With our in house designer and engraving team, we can engrave bespoke text and your company logo on to your chosen product*

*Provided the chosen product can be engraved upon.

Contact Wheelers Luxury Gifts

If you're interested in Montblanc, whether it be personalisation, corporate gifts or a general query, please call Wheelers and will be able to assist you.

Call our Loughborough, Leicestershire store 01509 266320 or email us.

A Brief History of Montblanc

The Creation of Montblanc

The creation of Montblanc began in 1906 with a Hamburg banker, Alfred Nehemias, and a Berlin engineer who realised that it was time to design simplicissimus pens. It wasn't long until Wilhelm Dziambor, Christian Lausen and Claus Johannes Voss carried on the business, preparing the foundation that would be the internationally successful business 'Montblanc'.

Montblanc, a Registered Trademark

In 1910 Montblanc was registered as a trademark featuring the evolutionary fountain pen, but it wasn't until 1913 that the star was born (the famous Montblanc emblem). The white star representing the snow white peak of the highest European mountain, would now be presented on the top of every pen that the 'Simplo Filler Pen Co' would make. (The partners business name before Montblanc, created in 1908.) The Montblanc star represents the brand's commitment to the highest quality and most talented craftsmanship.

Launch of the Meisterstück (Masterpiece) Pen

The fountain pen which made history, the Montblanc Meisterstück was launched in 1924. With the 'Meisterstück' timeless design it soon became the most widely celebrated pen of all time; the ultimate symbol for writing and culture.

The Star 4810 Fountain Pen Nib

The intricate design including the numbers '4810' that we can see on the Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen nibs today, was first engraved on the nib in 1929. This important inscription represents the height of the Mont Blanc mountain.

The Meisterstück 149 Launch

The legendary Meisterstück 149 was launched in 1952. This writing instrument not only became the most celebrated pen of all time, but also became the ultimate symbol for the arts and a style icon for perfect timeless design.

The Art of Writing and the Meisterstück Solitaire Collection

A lot happened in 1986 for Montblanc:

Montblanc began 'The Art of Writing' campaign. This was a model for a lot of brands in the luxury business.

The Meisterstück Solitaire Collection design, which is essentially a metal version of the Meisterstück was released.

Montblanc created a number of sponsorship and initiatives in the fields of literature, ballet and music, marking the beginning of Montblanc's worldwide commitment to art and culture.

Montblanc Opened First Boutique

Now with over 350 boutiques in more than 70 countries internationality. The first Montblanc boutique was actually opened in Hong Kong in 1990, and then spread to Europe beginning in Paris and London.

The Richemont Group

The Vendôm Luxury Group S.A. Bought a major stake of Montblanc in the eighties combining all good luxury companies including dunhill, Cartier and many more. Later on the business would become the 'Richemont Group', who are now the second largest luxury group in the world.

The Montblanc Meisterstück Leather Collection

With continual success Montblanc expanded it's selection of goods to include leather. More specifically, the Meisterstück leather collection. Providing exclusive, spacious, business and travel products for everyday use.

Montblanc add Jewellery to their Portfolio

In 1996 Montblanc took their first step into the world of jewellery. In particular, men's jewellery completing the Meisterstück collection. It wasn't until 2005 where Montblanc stepped into the world of ladies' jewellery with three innovative collections.

Montblanc's first donation pen was also introduced in this year, featuring Leonard Bernstein alongside outstanding personalities from the world of classical music.

Montblanc Meisterstück 75th Year Celebrations

Montblanc celebrated the Meisterstück collection for '75 years of passion and soul'. The 'Solitaire Royal' with 4,810 diamonds made the Guinness Book of Records for the being the most expensive pen in the world!

The Montblanc StarWalker Collection

In 2003, the next generation of writing instruments was presented for the younger enthusiasts for pure and aesthetic design.

In Cooperation with Unicef

Montblanc and Unicef asked 149 celebrities including Bianca Jagger, Nadja Auermann and Luciano Pavarotti to write a brief statement with a Montblanc Meisterstück 149 fountain pen, beginning 'I like to write because...'. The celebrity signatures were engraved onto the pens and then they were auctioned off with all the proceeds going directly to charity.

Later on in 2009, the 'Unicef signature for Good' range of products were created to help raise funds for Unicef. Montblanc donated 10% of the profits guaranteeing a minimum of $1.5 million worldwide.

Soul Makers for 100 Years

In 2006 Montblanc was the first brand to patent their own diamond cut, derived from its star logo. This took more than eight years of research to develop this, helping to celebrate the businesses 100th anniversary. Soon after the business added a new star among the crown jewels, Montblanc entered the world of diamond jewellery based on this brand new star diamond.

The First Montblanc Collection featuring 'Princess Grace de Monaco'

Montblanc created their first collection which included fine jewellery, timepieces, and writing instruments, to honour a remarkable individual Grace Kelly. Her talent as an Oscar-winning actress and her commitment to helping others, she inspired an entire generation.