Paul Smith Wash Bags in the Summer Sale

Paul Smith Wash Bags in the Summer Sale

Paul Smith is known for the colourful, fun, and creative accessories. We may not all love colour in our day to day lives however, a bright-coloured wash bag allows you to incorporate colour and be a little creative. Whether you take yours with you everyday in your handbag, keep yours in your car for when you need a touch-up, are travelling this summer, or know someone who would love this as a gift, we have you covered!


All of these Paul Smith wash bags are in the sale, so you’re guaranteed a bargain with precise finishing, unique designs, and a quality piece that will last you for years. We’ve chosen a range for both him and her, but we also have many more Paul Smith wash bags on our website. Alternatively, we also stock brands such as Montblanc, TUMI and BOSS if you’d like to browse the whole range of wash and makeup bags.


Wash bags for her:

Paul Smith Women's 'PS Happy' Black Make-Up Bag

W1A-5701-FSMILE-79-0/SN1229 - £97.50 (RRP £195.00)


Paul Smith London Print Leather Make-Up Pouch

W1A-5701-ELOLIP-PR-0/SN1139** - £97.50 (RRP £195.00)


Paul Smith Women's Swirl Cosmetic Bag

W1A-5701-A50111-90-0/SN878 - £165.00 (RRP £275.00)


Wash bags for him:

Paul Smith Men's 'Signature Stripe Balloon' Print Wash Bag

M1A-7406-MBALLO-PR-0/SN1705 - £120.00 (RRP £200.00)


Paul Smith Navy 'Signature Stripe' Canvas Wash Bag

M1A-6862-ACMULT-47/SN1613 - £120.00 (RRP £200.00)


Paul Smith Men's 'Nottingham Mini' Print Wash Bag

M1A-7406-LMINNC-PR/SN1607 - £120.00 (RRP £200.00)

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