Steiff Summer Sale Picks

Steiff Summer Sale Picks

Our Summer Sale is live across the site with some amazing offers, and one of those brands include Steiff, with a huge range of teddies, plush animals, and collectibles! Steiff do the cutest plush soft toy animals, ranging from lions, elephants, giraffes and flamingoes. These make great gifts for young ones who love animals or have a safari themed bedroom. They’re so cuddly and have unique features such as the Button-in-Ear, a beanbag stuffing, and the softest faux fur exterior.

There’s also a large selection of friendly forest animals including squirrels, rabbits, and hedgehogs. All Steiff plush toys are made in their factories in Germany, with quality materials and trims. Our current favourite is Hedgy the hedgehog as he has such a cute smile, faux fur trims, and a gorgeous grey coat.

If you prefer the classic Steiff bears, we stock a range of different sizes and colours. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a little one, or a collectible such as a replica of one of the original designs, we have many to choose from.

Steiff are known for their limited edition teddy bears that are created in celebration of an occasion, and we currently have the limited edition King Charles, Prince William, and Catherine, Princess of Wales teddy bears in stock. These make great collectibles displayed on a shelf if you’re a fan of the royals, or it would be the perfect gift for a special person in your life who loves the monarchy.

Shop the range now online and in-store with 10% off across the brand, while stocks last.

*Please Note* All prices below are the RRP and not the sale price.


Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends Gina the Giraffe

068201/SN109 - £21.90


Steiff Floppy Liam the Lion, 20 cm

242205/SN174 - £24.90


Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends Jill the Flamingo

063992/SN79 - £32.90

Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends Hedgy the Hedgehog

074387/SN101 - £25.90


Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends Phil the Squirrel

045172/SN97 - £32.90


Steiff Melly the Rabbit, 20 cm, Teddies for Tomorrow

081019/SN142 - £49.90

Steiff Mini Dark Brown Teddy Bear

040023/SN4 - £62.90


Steiff Elena the Teddy Bear, 19 cm

007590/SN144 - £125.00


Steiff Classic Teddy Bear (33 cm)

000386/SN161 - £179.00

Steiff William Prince of Wales Teddy Bear

691638/SN167 - £249.00


Steiff Catherine Princess of Wales Teddy Bear

691645/SN171 - £249.00


Steiff King Charles Long to Reign Over Us Teddy Bear

691515/SN105 - £259.00

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