Montegrappa Fountain Pens

Montegrappa Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are still regarded as the ultimate writing instrument for the writing connoisseur. We feel that the Montegrappa fountain pens are iconic in design and of the highest quality. We have chosen a selection of Montegrappa fountain pens from their resin and celluloid collections, so hopefully you will be able to find a fountain pen for everybody and every occasion. All Montegrappa pens are made in Italy by master craftsmen at their Bassano del Grappa factory in the North East. The collections feature precious materials including silver, rose gold, celluloid and resin, and the quality shows in the finished product. The majority of the Montgrappa fountain pens we carry use both ink cartridge and can also draw ink from the bottle by inserting an ink converter. Please phone 01509 266320 if you need any technical advise regarding the Montgrappa fountain pen you are looking to purchase.

Our collection features pens from a variety of different ranges - both traditional and modern. This variety of pens allows us to offer you the perfect selection of fountain pens for any occasion. The traditional octagonal shaped body of some collections still looks modern even today. The rotating sphere on the clip is an icon of Montegrappa and can be found on every single one of their fountain pens - an innovative addition designed to keep your clothes snag free when placing your pens in pockets.
All Montegrappa fountain pens come in their own presentation boxes complete with two year international guarantee booklet.

Montegrappa Fountain Pen Refills

Please view the Montegrappa refill section on our site where you will find our great selection of Montegrappa fountain pen ink refills available in a variety of colours in both ink cartridge and ink bottle. You will also find the ink converters in this section if you prefer to draw ink direct from the bottle.

Montegrappa ink is one of the highest quality inks available and highly sought after. Designed and made in Italy, the ink is fluid and fast drying on the page. There are a multitude of colours available in both the ink cartridges and ink bottles they produce. The long lasting ink bottles are perfect for when your piston driven fountain pen needs to be refilled. The octagonal shaped bottles are unique and make the perfect accessory for your desk. The ink cartridges have been specially designed to fit Montegrappa fountain pens snugly to provide you with the best possible finish on the page.
Always replace the cap back onto your fountain pen when not in use as this will preserve the liquid ink from drying out, and increase the life expectancy of the ink inside your Montegrappa fountain pen. If you have left your Montegrappa fountain pen unused for a long period of time and the ink has dried out inside your pen, then you may need to run the pen through with warm fast flowing water to clear out the chambers, so that once refilled the ink can then flow through freely for the perfect writing experience.
Our collection of Montegrappa ink bottle and cartridge colours include: blue, black, burgundy and turquoise.
If you are unsure which Montegrappa ink refill you need for your writing instrument then please call us on 01509 266320 and we will advise you on the correct refill to get your Montegrappa fountain pen up and running again.

Montegrappa Engraving

Our in house team of engravers can personalise your Montegrappa fountain pen for you. We can engrave a person's name and initials into the pen cap with a selection of fonts for you to chose from so creating your own unique pen. The clip on the Montgrappa pens is quite narrow towards the end of the clip, however the top of the pen clip is wider and here we can engrave up to three initials to personalise your pen in a discreet fashion.

We can engrave a silver or gold plaque for longer personal messages which we attach to the front of the Montegrappa presentation box lid.

Please phone 01509 266320 and speak to one of our trained engravers to see how we can engrave your pen to create a bespoke gift for you.

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