Montblanc Belts

Montblanc belts add the finishing touches to any attire, whether it be a business suit or casual clothing. Available in different colours and leather textures. Montblanc only uses the finest leather in the production of their belts. The buckles are available in different shapes and colours: gold, platinum and rose gold. The buckles are made from solid brass and then coated giving your belt a heavy feel.

The distinctive Montblanc star logo is featured on the front of most of the Montblanc belts displaying a belt of true luxury and quality.

Nearly all of the Montblanc leather belts have reversible leather belt straps, black one side and brown on the other. So just unclip the belt buckle, take out the leather belt strap, turn over and replace into the belt buckle. Having the choice of a brown or black leather strap means you can colour coordinate with your dress attire. Montblanc leather belts come in different length straps usually around 120 cm or 170cm. You then cut the leather strap to your waist size.

Your Montblanc belt may need to be cut to size so please follow our belt cutting guidelines.

All our Montblanc belts come in a beautiful Montblanc box with a certificate of authenticity.

Montblanc Complimentary Belt Personalisation

We can engrave initials and a short name on the front or back of some of the buckles in a variety of fonts, for personalisation and present gifting. This complimentary engraving service adds that special touch if you are buying a belt as a gift. Once engraved we apply a colouring of either silver or gold to match the trim of the belt. This personalisation service makes a truly bespoke gift for lasting memories.

*Please note not all Montblanc belts can be personalised so please get in contact if you have any questions.

For longer messages, we can attach a gold or silver plaque to match the trim of your pen onto the Montblanc presentation box lid. We can engrave a company logo and message onto the plaque to create a truly unique bespoke gift for the special occasion that your belt is being presented for. Add our free of charge gift wrapping service on all Montblanc belts and your gift is complete and ready to be given. Please phone 01509 266320 and let us see what we can achieve for you.